Monday, April 21

Review: Real Techniques Duo-Fiber Brushes

So following on from my January's Wishlist post, I did manage to purchase this beautiful Limited 
Edition brush set by Real Techniques on feelunique. Anyone who follows enough beauty blogs would know about the Chapman sisters' fantastic range of brushes and their super affordable price tag.

There any so many reviews on this collection and I may be a bit late on writing about them, but they've been a permanent addition to my make-up routine since I bought them so I thought I would put my two cents in and show you guys my love for them. I hope you liked it!

What i liked
 Very affordable
 Pretty to look at! And big enough so they don't get lost in a big pot of brushes (ahem ecotools, pick up your game)
 All 3 brushes pick up product, from illuminating powder to cream eyeshadow, absolutely perfectly. I have a few blushes that are very pigmented and often hard to apply but when im using the contour brush, I never seem to fail.
 They don't need washing too often. It'a a weird thing to like about them and I may get judged for saying this as I know brushes are meant to be washed weekly or fortnightly. But to be honest, when im busy, cleaning brushes in my free time is not what I want to do and these brushes, especially the eye brush, never desperately need a wash - yay for the duo fiber! 

What i didn't like
Absolutely nothing.

My verdict: 5/5 - I can't fault them! So hurry up and get yours now.

Feel free to comment below about you're thoughts on this collection!


  1. personally i don't have this brushes but i'm using sephora one that is similar to your contour brush and i have to say that it really works. Since everyone always say good things on these brushes i think i need to try them. Thanks for the link so i can easily buy them :)

    1. Thanks for commenting glad you liked the post! x


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