Friday, April 26

MAC Workshop + Review

Recently I have been to a technique workshop at MAC which cost $120 but you get it all back in products and as I had my eye on more than a couple of things from the store I decided to book myself in! When i arrived I was surprised to find out that everyone but me had cancelled and so I was able to have a one-on-one lesson with one of the teachers Linda. I was so lucky for this chance and I would recommend spending money on something like this to any beauty junkie. I was able to pick my perfect foundation shade, what skincare regime works best for my type of skin and just general techniques like how to put on fake lashes - which I could never master until now!

This is a very late post as it was done over the easter weekend but at least I have had some time to use some of the products so I can now do a mini review! OK let's start so i can start so you can stop reading my useless rambling...

What I purchased:
Studio Fix Powder Plus in C3
Mineralize Concealer in NW20
Blot Powder in Medium

Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation

When we were discussing my skin type, i was asked if i had ever used a powder foundation and I think she was slightly shocked when I said no. This is because for someone with combo/oil skin, liquids often can't absorb excess oils on the skin's surface like powders do. Pretty sure most beauty bloggers would already know this but I was always scared to try out powder foundations cause I was worried they wouldn't give the same coverage and last as long as my good ole liquids.

Well i will just say one thing - THIS is the greatest product i have ever spent my money on. Even after full day/nights out there is no gross shine in photos and make-up never EVER slips down my face - win.

My verdict: 5/5 

Select Moisturecover

Although during the workshop I used the Pro Longwear Concealer (which was love at first sight) when it came to buying my concealer, there were none left in my shade *cry* 
I loved the way the Pro Longwear was great at both concealing undereyes AND blemishes.. and these days I find it hard to find a product that kicks arse at both.
However, she did suggest the Select Moisturecover particularly for under my eyes which is my main issue - damn you hereditary dark circles
What i love about this is the moisturising aspect of it (hence the name) and it never creases. However, it doesn't give as much coverage as the Pro Longwear and slides off during the day. 

My verdict: 3/5 - don't think I would repurchase again

Blot Powder/Pressed

I haven't heard a great too much about this product but I've come across it in a number of blogs so recognise it so I didn't to give it a go. I didn't use it during the workshop but asked about it after and she recommended it for on the go touch-ups and that is what I've been using it for since!
It's not too heavy when applied and it comes with a mirror and small powder puff in a compact which is perfect size to fit in small makeup bags. For the price I don't think its amazing, and i've recently discovered the New Revlon Colorstay Pressed Powder which is half the price and just as great.

My verdict: 4/5 


  1. Your so lucky so much MAC goodies :) they all sound amazing I will be trying a few out myself, Hope you had a great weekend xx

  2. Oh wow lovelie products. x
    btw you have such a cute Blog :)

  3. Great post! So would you recommend another concealer instaed of studio moisture?

    1. Pro longwear is the only other one ive used and it was great! Heard amazing things about the Studio Fix also x

  4. People love the studio fix powder, I have never got on with MAC face products, but I do love their lipsticks!x

  5. Oh MAC, how I love you. Lovely blog. Sarah x

  6. I ♥ MAC :)
    Lovely blog Jessie :) I am your new happy follower <3

    '' Think Pink | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog " ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    1. Thanks lovelie! Checking out your blog now xx

  7. I love Mac products :-) Lovely blog. I am following you
    with pleasure :)

  8. I really want to try some mac products!

  9. Great post! :)

    Kelly xx

  10. Looks very nice!! Great post :)
    Penny Rose

  11. Hey. I found your blog through searching about MAC make up classes, as i called in yesterday and they talked about it. How long do you get in the class? And do you buy the products at the class? xx
    Heroine In Heels

  12. i have nominated you for a Liebster Award! all details are on my blog.


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